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Ocean Quest

49 New Road
CF36 5DH | Get Directions

Ocean Quest

Take the plunge with a free introductory session or have a go at everything for £50 call us now ! We are a specialist water sports company based in Cardiff and Porthcawl, South Wales' surfing mecca, providing adventure and fun in the water with experienced aquatic sports instructors from beginner to advanced.

We are also a bonded travel agent so contact us today and we'll surpass all your adventure travel expectations, providing a customer focussed, specially tailored service.We have got some great deals, all the local Surf Conditions and all the training and equipment you need:

Scuba Diving
Windsurfing & Kite Surfing
Kayaking & yachting
Jet Skiing
Wake boarding
Holidays and Travel
Training & Equipment
Fun Days - have a go at everything we do for just £50
Specialist clothing, surf style, wetsuits etc.

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