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Art Cafe

(01656) 786735

32 New Road
CF36 5DN | Get Directions

Email us @ info@artcafe.biz

Art Cafe

Looking for somewhere to relax with friends or for a fun family outing?

Come along to the ART Cafe where we do delicious home cooked food, salad bowls,cakes, coffee, shakes and ice cream sodas all day!

If you are feeling creative why not try your hand at pottery painting. We have hundreds of items to choose from and plenty of ideas, stencils and inspiration to get you started. Whether you want to make babies hand/footprints, wedding and personalised gifts or just for the fun of it, pottery painting is relaxing and VERY enjoyable.

Ask about our fabulous Children's Birthday Parties, Holiday Activities and adult evenings too.

We also sell hand painted Porthcawl pottery souvenirs as well as beautiful local seascapes and cards.

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