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Porthcawl Community Orchestra

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Our Lady Star of the Sea (Church Hall)
New Road
CF36 5BN | Get Directions

Email us @ porthcawl.orchestra@outlook.com

Porthcawl Community Orchestra

About Us
We are a community orchestra based in Porthcawl, but anyone from the surrounding area is welcome to join. We play a wide variety of music, and Orchestra Members have frequent input into the selection of new pieces.

Join Us!
All we ask is that you can play to roughly a Grade 4 standard before joining us, and that you own a music stand and your own instrument.

Our members
We have people from all walks of life in the Orchestra: from people who haven't played since school and want to get back into it, to music teachers and students! We're sure you'll feel at home.

Our Rehearsals
We meet on Sundays, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Refreshments are served during each rehearsal and we ask for £1.50 from each member to cover costs.

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