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Bridgend Tourism Association Logo Bridgend Tourism Association (BTA) is the official trade association for all tourism, leisure and retail businesses in Bridgend County. We are an independent, non-profit making organisation whose role is to support tourism related businesses to build a stronger, vibrant tourism industry.

BTA has a strong board of directors and full support from the local authorities Tourism Unit, Capital Region Tourism and Visit Wales. The management board is made up of a variety of representatives from core tourism and leisure businesses in the area. All of which have a wealth of experience in the tourism, leisure and hospitality industry. If you want your voice to be heard join now and let's make one strong, dynamic voice for the tourism industry in Bridgend!

All members of the tourism association will be encouraged to offer a 10% discount on their products or services for all other BTA members. For a full list of the 10% discount offers available to you please contact the BTA team. The 10% offer is aimed to promote business to business activity, networking, as well as an additional benefit for our members.

For a limited period only, the membership packages offered by BTA will be offered at a discounted rate. These discounted rates are an introductory offer to celebrate the launch of the new Bridgend Tourism Association. The membership prices (incl discounted rates) and the various types of packages are included in the information pack.

BTA Membership Pack

Tourism in Porthcawl

If you need information on Porthcawl Tourism please contact us or the association.

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  • Mon 29th Sep 14 07:48
    7.45am Monday. Smaller. 2ft at Rest Bay with slightly bigger sets. Will get too high in about an hour. 1-2ft at Coney Beach
  • Sun 28th Sep 14 08:24
    7.15am Sunday. A lovely 2-3ft at Rest Bay 1-2ft at Coney Beach. Too high in an hour and small on the drop.
  • Sat 27th Sep 14 07:54
    7.15am Saturday. Getting too high at Rest Bay but 2ft with the odd bigger set. 1-2ft at Coney Beach. Light wind.

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